Video Production
Rounds 2.0 multi user video chat experience 
In this project we were asked by our clients, Rounds to help them create a mockup version of their latest app named Rounds 2.0.
Our goal was to create a realistic and convincing mockup presentation that will give the viewer the feeling he was watching a real live multi user chat feed starring the presenter ,his friends and many other "random" users.
In order to achieve that goal, we designed a carefully timed and well-organized paced script, taking into considering all of the presenter's lines, pauses and gaps.
Then over 40 actors from all over the world were cast and shot. We edited the footage and began to assemble this complex multi video jigsaw resulting in a tailor made presentation.
We also designed and animated mini games and different activities for the mockup.
For obvious reasons of preserving our client's confidence we can't show the finished mockup in action but here are a few screenshots we can share with you:
הפקת וידאו עם שחקנים אמריקאיים שמדמה חווית שיחת וידאו מרובת משתתפים עם משחקים ואפשריות מיוחדות

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