Branding & product Design Sup boards, accessories and tees
Shibumi SUP is a new global stand-up-paddling brand.
The meaning of Shibumi (Japanese) is effortless perfection.

We’ve decided to approach Shibumi’s branding process from a feminine Japanese esthetics point of view and to handle the brand as an health and lifestyle brand (like yoga and Zen) instead of a surfing company.
To difference the Shibumi products from other SUP companies we've used Japanese patterns and bold colors instead of the usual sporty stripes and the solid shapes and colors.
The philosophy of the Shibumi family is: maintaining a lifestyle of physical and mental wellbeing, staying connected to nature, taking care of the environment and enjoying the moment. It’s not only a brand new way of surfing; it’s a new way of life.
 שיבומי סאפ - עיצוב ליין מוצרים למותג גלישת גלשני עמידה הכולל גלשנים, משוטים, אביזרים וחולצות
T Shirt design

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