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Skipper by Zoomd: Navigating New Horizons in User Acquisition

Skipper by Zoomd is a cutting-edge User Acquisition platform that empowers you to efficiently manage your mobile User Acquisition from all sources through a single, unified interface. With Skipper, you can effortlessly create, track, automate, and optimize multiple campaigns simultaneously, all from one centralized dashboard.

The Challenge: Setting Sail in a Competitive Sea

The challenge we faced was how to distinguish ourselves in a highly competitive landscape, often referred to as the "red ocean." We aimed to chart our course to discover our own unique "blue ocean" with Skipper.

Our Solution: Putting Users First

Our solution involved a strategic shift in focus, redirecting our attention from the company and product to the user. With Skipper, we invite you to come aboard and create substantial waves in the realm of user acquisition. In the realm of user acquisition, success can be sink or swim. With Skipper, you can stay on course and within your budget while effectively tracking all your targets. Achieve your key performance indicators (KPIs), evaluate your successes, and reach your goals. Skipper places you in control, making you the captain of your user acquisition journey.

Skipper – take control. Be the captain

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