GKI Group

GKI Group is home to technologies and innovations, bringing even the craziest and most ambitious ideas to life.

GKI Group was founded by the serial entrepreneur and angel investor Gal Kalkshtein. The company acts as a group, made up of several sub-groups, together contributing to the company’s expertise in the world of innovation and startups.


The brand:
Playful & smart People-centered branding – Creating a unique and accurate avatar for each worker. The avatar looks and behaves like the worker in his workplace scenarios.

It's all about the people.

The sky’s the limit

The Logo:
The group represented by the satellite mother ship is circling and hovering around each project. Taking care of it, nurture and protect it until it becomes a shining star.

The Colors:
Trustful, Confident, Intelligent Creative, Ambitious, Passionate.

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