Coffee Chain Re-branding
"Agvania" Pizza Chain
1Haam1 Restaurant
GKI Group, web design
The blue tear
Tirador Re-branding
The Market Courtyard
Hotel Principe Delle Nevi, Italy
The Nelson
The Chocolate
The Wine Story, Blanc de Noir
Snowflake Restaurant
Startup Lobby Israel
Shibumi SUP
Creative business cards
The Artichoke Ladies artwork
Easy the Selfie Sloth
Fabulous by Collie
KKL-JNF National Quiz
Private appraisasls firm
1haam1 website design
Music Festival
The Gym
Eurocave web design
Hotel website design
The Grabbing Hands
Artly Logo
Shneps web design
PHG - Infographics movie
Styling & Room Dressing
Styling & Wall Art
The Courtyard signage
The Box 2 - Libox
Shibumi SUP new collection
The evolution of communication
Brener 6
Rounds 2.0 mockup
Adidas Tunit
Principe Delle Nevi-Photo Session
IndicateMedia, NY
The Box - Libox
Knocka TV
Trip Champ - Branding
The Crazy Rabbit
Kandy - fashion channel
The summer lodge
Ola Mundo
Alien Interactive
Snowflake Alternate direction
MyCyberTwin, Australia
Restaurant Styling
Market Newspaper
The Green grocery
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